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Time for a change…of thought.

By Claudette

Spring-ahead Time change: How do I hate it?

Let me count the ways:

1.  4:45am is my work-day alarm. (Gym before work.)

  1. Pitch black in December.
    By March 1st, I’m seeing the brilliant sun rise as I get to work, after months of morning darkness.
    Then the evil time change happens….and I’m back to strolling through the Night Mine of Blackness into my hospital.
  2. I adapt slowly.
    “4 to 5 days”-slowly.
    Exercise is harder.
    Official “lunchtime” feels like breakfast. For days.
  3. Trying to sleep 2.5 hours after sunset is ridiculous.
    I’m just getting warmed up.
    “How about a movie?”
    Late to bed is trouble when your day job is in surgery with its relentless 0645 start time.
  4. Night diving becomes Midnight Diving: I have to wait until 7:30pm for a night dive.
    It’s not Daylight Savings. It’s Nightdive Slaying.
    you get it….ew.
  5. thru 99.  I don’t like it.

Well, I didn’t used to like it.

This year, something more than time changed.

I fell in love with pre-dawn, watching its ethereal, evanescent beauty developing from December through February.

Indescribable pinks, lavenders, blues.

Kisses of gold on blue cerulean skin, as magenta blush rises from the distant side of the earth.
(I was pummeling the dictionary to find new color words each day!)

Then rude March sun began shouldering in too early.
Blasting light harshing the mellow of romance.
Who stole my transparent, inhalable pinks?

I considered rising earlier, but the gym doesn’t open until 5:30.

Then an amazing thing happened.
Daylight Savings.
And the morning blush returned.

I think I like it.

Who’d have thunk?


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